Welcome to Nat's Notes

Here we go!

Hello and welcome to Nat’s Notes!

In this newsletter and podcast, I will be finding the best books in the world, old and new, known and unknown, and sharing the more powerful, insightful, and life-changing things I learn from them with all of you here.

This is honestly one of my favorite things in the world to do. I’ve been reading and collecting my notes from books I love for over a decade now, a few hundred thousand people a month read those notes on my site, and millions of people each month are seeing those notes on Instagram and TikTok .

Which brings us to this podcast. Every week, I will choose a new book to share with you.

I’ll read it, take notes, and then bring you the best of that book to enjoy and hopefully learn something from. Maybe you’ll discover a new book you hadn’t read, get the digest on a book you’ve been thinking about reading, or get to revisit the ideas from an old favorite.

These will not be the same business and pop-non-fiction books you constantly hear about. I’ll cover some popular books, but I’m more curious to find interesting philosophies or histories or lenses to see the world through that I can bring to you.

Each episode will be around 20 to 45 minutes long. Something you could digest on your commute or during a workout. And I’ll try to keep them concise, actionable, insightful, and useful.

So if that all sounds good, please subscribe to the podcast by searching Nat’s Notes wherever you like to listen to them.

I hope you enjoy the first episode!